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2024-03-07 Why do we even blog?


For me, this imagined audience is more important than getting it right. Which is why I write my blog posts with the wiki spirit. All these sites are pretty similar, in essence. Blog, wiki, digital garden, Zettelkasten, there’s not enough difference to draw lines. It’s all a question of intent, of culture, of belonging. The blog spirit is to write pages over time, and they disappear into the archive. The digital garden spirit is to write unfinished articles and papers, to be refined or not. The Zettelkasten spirit is to follow the trail of thoughts you thought and add new branches, small notes with new thoughts leading to more thoughts on new notes. And the wiki spirit is to write and edit online, to hit the Save button and then it’s live. There is no editor, there is no draft. Wiki is like brutalism in content management. I can see the page sources and the end result is obvious and full of that old web power. It’s not an app. The software has no idea of process. The wiki spirit is to open that window, write the text and hit save. And then I read it again, and edit it. And tomorrow, I read it again, and edit it. And next week, perhaps, I read it again, and edit it.

I no longer live in the Wiki Now. The pages are intended for future readers but they are not timeless. I add timestamps all over the place. The blog spirit is strong. The pages do disappear into the great compost of thoughts. The archive gobbles them up. I do go back but I don’t rewrite the pages completely. I’m more likely to simply add a timestamp and some thoughts like I did on this page.




Я согласен с тем, что логику нужно разносить по сервисам. Но сервисы должны использовать общую шину данных: базу, очередь сообщений, файлы в S3 в конце концов. Гонять друг другу JSON выглядит хорошо в теории, но на практике — фу.

Условный Постгрес выплюнет миллион записей за доли секунды. Забрать этот же миллион из другого сервиса — приключение на неделю. Тут и метрики, лимиты, квоты, сетевые спайки, etc… А когда таких запросов несколько, сервис ложится спать.




Fast, powerful, yet easy to use template engine for Go. Optimized for speed, zero memory allocations in hot paths. Up to 20x faster than html/template


РУССКОЕ КИНО 2022-2023 | видео-трибьют


Видео про российские фильмы, собранное из российских фильмов.

Очень хорошо!


picoCAD by Johan Peitz


A tiny modeller for tiny models