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Betula is a free self-hosted single-user bookmarking software for the independent web. Use it to organize bookmarks, references and linklogs.

Every Betula installation comes with a full copy of this documentation. Use the topic selector to read more about specific topics.

Press the Save link link. There are multiple fields there:

  • URL is the URL (address) of a web page. This is the only required field.

  • Title is the title of the post that will be created when you save the link. If you leave it empty, Betula will do its best to quess a title.

  • Description is a place for excerpts and conclusion from the saved link. Express your opinion here. You can format the text with Mycomarkup.

  • Set visibility for your post. Make posts with sensitive or too boring information visible only for you.

  • Tags are separated with commas. Keywords and topics make good tags. Try to add at least one tag.


On Tags page you can see all your tags. Unauthorized users only see tags that have public posts. Don't be scared if you end up having hundreds of tags with 1 to 3 posts each. This is pretty normal.


You really should set up your settings.

  • Site name is shown in tab titles and will be used for the future federative capabilities.

  • Site address is the URL of your Betula. Basically required for installation that have internet connection.

  • Site title is shown in the top-left corner. It can be different from Site name.

  • Site description supports Mycomarkup.

  • Advanced settings

    • Network address and port combination sets up where Betula will listen for connection. Defaults are good. Set up your reverse proxy to redirect here.

    • Custom CSS is used for visual configuration.

There is a searchbar on every page. Use it to retrieve information.


It is highly recommended to use the bookmarklet. It lets you save any web page much quicker, bringing your Betula experience to the next level. It works in all desktop browsers and is known to work on iOS Safari. Android browser support remains unclear for now, but it probably works in some of them.

RSS feed

You can subscribe to any Betula with any RSS reader. Some browsers also support RSS feeds out of the box. It is much more convenient than visiting the said Betulas manually. There are two kinds of feeds: post feed and digest feed. The latter is probably what you want.