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Go Developer Survey 2023 H2 Results - The Go Programming Language

  1. Go developers said they are more interested in AI/ML tooling that improves the quality, reliability, and performance of code they write, rather than writing code for them. An always-awake, never-busy expert “reviewer” might be one of the more helpful forms of AI developer assistance.

  2. The top requests for improving toolchain warnings and errors were to make the messages more comprehensible and actionable; this sentiment was shared by developers of all experience levels, but was particularly strong among newer Go developers.

  3. Our experiment with project templates (gonew) appears to solve critical problems for Go developers (especially developers new to Go) and does so in a way that matches their existing workflows for starting a new project. Based on these findings, we believe gonew can substantially reduce onboarding barriers for new Go developers and ease adoption of Go in organizations.

  4. Three out of every four respondents work on Go software that also uses cloud services; this is evidence that developers see Go as a language for modern, cloud-based development.

  5. Developer sentiment towards Go remains extremely positive, with 90% of survey respondents saying they felt satisfied while working with Go during the prior year.


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